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AlphaPass Test

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12 May 2022 ~ 31 Aug 2022
ArcheWorld Pre-registration

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2022. 05. 20
White Paper Update

The new update has come.
Please check the White Paper for further information.

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Blockchain-based NFT, the Third Great Wave
Introduces a new virtual world
Created together with the Users

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ArcheAge, the first MMORPG by XLGAMES.
Transforms into a new world, a new virtual platform that recognizes the value of users' ownership!

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A virtual world that recognizes users' ownership of digital assets

ArcheWorld is the first seamless, open-world MMORPG that utilizes NFT(Non-Fungible Token) based on blockchain technology.
We recognize the users' ownership of various items such as land, houses, pets, vehicles and gears in ArcheWorld by minting them into NFTs.


ArcheWorld is live on BORACHAIN Mainnet.
Klaytn Chain is the L1 chain and BORACHAIN is the L2 chain on the Klaytn chain.

Private Chain

Although the issues of basic process speed and gas fee are resolved by using the L2 chain,
public chain has limits as to handling all active user exchanges unique to MMORPGs.
Thus, all in-game exchanges will be recorded on the private chain and when BSLT moves out of the game (i.e. to individual wallets, etc.), such transactions will be recorded on the public chain.
All transactions on private chain will be completely accessable in the form of a Scope on a website for the sake of transparency.

Blue Salt (BSLT)
ArcheWorld's Basic Service Token

Blue Salt (BSLT)is derived from one of the traditional game elements of ArcheAge - Blue Salt Brotherhood.
BSLT can be acquired by swapping, purchasing Pre-package needed for gameplay, various airdrop occasions and trading with Archeum and materials among users in the Exchange.
Blue Salt (BSLT) can be used to trade NFT products or swapped into BORA to be cashed.

Decentralized Exchange

We at XLGAMES are all together on this journey.
Official Fandom Card NFT, as well as in-game assets such as land, houses, pets, etc.
The first-ever ArcheWorld Fandom Card NFT sale (Ended)

Exclusive benefits for the official Fandom Card holders of ArcheWolrd,
the first-ever NFT game from XLGAMES

(Ended) Fandom Card NFT Mint

April 4th(Mon) ~ 6th(Wed), 13th(Wed) 2022 at 8:00pm (UTC+9) Prepare to mint at 7PM / Start minting at 8PM / Minting ends at 9PM
  • First Phase [50% off] 300 KLAY

    Special Whitelist Mint
    295 Basic cards, 5 Rare cards

  • Second Phase 600 KLAY

    Whitelist Mint
    2,108 Basic cards, 17 Rare cards

  • Third Phase 600 KLAY

    For those who have pre-registered (except for those on the whitelist)
    Remaining cards

  • Fourth Phase 600 KLAY

    Applicants for the 4th minting(first-come, first-served)
    900 basic cards out of remaining cards

Previleges for Fandom Card NFT Holders

  • All Card Holders

    Unique UCC images can be applied to
    ArcheWorld items
    Additional benefits will be provided after game launch

  • Rare Card Holders

    100% guarantee of priority rights to buy mansion-sized land

  • Holders of 3 or more Cards
    before Launch of ArcheWorld

    Land NFT Airdrop

  • The Fandom Card NFT which will give you the chance to be whitelisted for Land NFT mint consists of 2,600 [basic] male/female cards from each race of ArcheAge and 25 [rare] Yata, Greenman, Dairy Cow cards.
  • The total number of cards issued is 2,625. A total of 2,425 cards [including rare cards] will be available for minting, while the company keeps the remaining 200 [basic] cards for partnership in the future.
  • ArcheWorld Fandom Card NFT will be randomly distributed to those who succced in minting. (Including Rare cards)
  • You can only purchase one Fandom Card NFT per wallet during the entire period. (i.e. if you fail to purchase one on your first day, you can reuse the same wallet for purchase on the second day.)
  • Anyone can apply for the 4th minting through Discord from April 7(Thu) to 12(Tue), 2022 (UTC +9) (Participants of 1st ~ 3rd minitng are also eligible.)
ArcheWorld Official Land NFT Sale (Ended)

This is the official Land NFT of ArcheWorld.
Owning a Land NFT means that you retains permanent ownership of the designated land on ArcheWorld's seamless open world.
Land NFT owners can build and use their own building to produce Archeum, or lease the land to others and receive monthly rent (BSLT) from tenants.
Blue Salt(BSLT) can be exchanged for BORA to generate revenue.

(Ended) Land NFT Minting

May 23th(Mon) ~ June 3rd(Fri), 2022
Open 1 hour before the minting / Minting ends after 1 hour
  • May 23rd(Mon) 20:00 (UTC+9)

    Holders of Rare Fandom Card NFT benefit
    MEGA (1,936㎡) × 28
    [50%] 4,500 > 2,250 KLAY
    You can purchase up to the number of rare cards you have.

  • May 27th(Tue) 20:00 (UTC+9)

    Holders of 4 or more Fandom Card NFTs
    EXTRA LARGE (1,152㎡) × 120
    [50%] 2,700 > 1,350 KLAY
    You can purchase once for every 4 cards you hold.

  • May 25th(Wed) 20:00 (UTC+9)

    Holders of 3 or more Fandom Card NFTs
    LARGE (768㎡) × 300
    [50%] 1,800 > 900 KLAY
    You can purchase once for every 3 cards you hold.

  • May 26th(Thu) 20:00 (UTC+9)

    Holders of 2 or more Fandom Card NFTs
    MEDIUM (384㎡) × 600
    [50%] 900 > 450 KLAY
    You can purchase once for every 2 cards you hold.

  • May 27th(Fri) 20:00 (UTC+9)

    Fandom Card NFT Holder
    STANDARD (256㎡) × 2,153 +@
    [50%] 600 > 300 KLAY
    you can purchase up to the number of cards you have.

  • May 30th(Mon) 20:00 (UTC+9)

    STANDARD (256㎡) × 200 +Remaining quantity
    600 KLAY

  • May 31st(Tue) 20:00 (UTC+9)

    MEDIUM (384㎡) × Remaining quantity
    900 KLAY

  • June 2nd(Thu) [1st] 20:00 (UTC+9), [2nd] 22:00 (UTC+9)

    [1st] LARGE (768㎡) × Remaining quantity
    [2nd] EXTRA LARGE (1,152㎡) × Remaining quantity
    LARGE: 1,800 KLAY

  • June 3rd(Fri) 20:00 (UTC+9)

    MEGA (1,936㎡) × Remaining quantity
    4,500 KLAY

  • Land NFT consists of MEGA (1,936㎡), EXTRA LARGE (1,152㎡), LARGE (768㎡), MEDIUM (384㎡), STANDARD (256㎡) sizes.
  • For lands of other sizes except for standard size, there is no basically set quantity for public minting, and public minting will be proceeded when there is any residual quantity from minting for holders.
  • You can participate in Land NFT minting regardless of purchase history.
  • Land NFT minting will be available only once per transaction regardless to WL or public, and BOT block function will be applied as '2 seconds' according to IP address.
  • The location of the ArcheWorld Land NFT will be randomly assigned to those who succeed in minting.
  • The location of purchased Land NFTs can be found in the Land NFT support services and in-game which will be available in the near future.
  • The snapshot of the Fandom Card NFT holder will be taken between 'May 23rd(Mon) 00:00~00:15 (UTC+9)', and the Whitelist for all planned Land mintings will be chosen based on this snapshot. (There will be no extra snapshots taken every minting day.)
Completed and To-Be-Completed Milestones ArcheWorld Whitepaper
  • Phase 1
    ArcheWorld Preview Website
  • SNS Channels Live
  • First Batch of Press Releases
  • Pre-Registration Event
  • ArcheWorld Fandom Card NFT Mint
  • ArcheWorld Whitepaper
  • Land NFT Pre-Sale
  • AlphaPass Test
  • Phase 2
    ArcheWorld Grand Opening
  • Multi-Language Game Client
  • In-game Exchange
  • New Skillsets Unlocked
  • Land Exclusive for Marine Houses, Naval Raids
  • Ships & Vehicles NFT Mint
  • Phase 3
    BSLT Staking System
  • Land NFT Rent Control Function
  • NFT Marketplace Launch
  • Gear & Character NFT
  • User Voting Content
  • Warborn, Dwarf Unlocked
  • Siege Content Unlocked
  • Multi-Language Community Service
  • Brand Partnerships & Collaborations
The Roadmap will be periodically updated. Stay tuned.
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