ArcheWorld Fandom Card NFT Staking Stake Fandom Card and get Special Costume Box. Period: Anytime / NFT staking is cancelled at midnight on the last day of the month
(except auto-extended NFTs)
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How to start Staking If you have ArcheWorld official Fandom Card NFTs, you can earn points by staking your NFTs.
  1. 1. Log in and check my NFTs
  2. 2. Click 'Stake' button under the NFTs
  3. 3. Earn points at 24:00 every day
  4. 4. Get reward item by collecting points
Point exchange gift
Special Costume Box(Tradable after opening)
300 Point
This is a special Costume Box. You can acquire 1 costume out of 46 components.
Acquisition rate
  • Very Low: 1 costume of out total 7 types including Bleak Burial Chamber Cold(Period)
  • Low: 1 costume out of 19 types including Blooming Spring Cow Chroma(Period)
  • High: 1 costume out of 16 types including Normal Coustume(Period)
Let's explore staking
  • Q. What is staking?
  • A. Staking is a system that you earn points as a reward by depositing ArcheWorld official Fandom Card NFT.
  • Q. How can I get a Fandom Card NFT?
  • A. You can buy Fandom Card NFTs in BORA PORTAL Market or OpenSea
  • Q. Can I stake any NFTs?
  • A. You can only stake Fandom Card NFTs which you have in the wallet connected to your ArcheWorld account.
  • Q. What happens to the staked NFTs?
  • A. While staking, the NFTs are locked up and you cannot trade them. After the last day of the month that you started staking, it is unlocked and you can either stake again or trade in the marketplaces.
  • Q. What is auto extension?
  • A. By auto extending, staking is continued without manually staking again in the next month.
    You can earn points continuously until you cancel auto extension.
  • Q. In what standard points are given?
  • A. Points are given according to the grade and level of the cards which are being staked at 24:00 every day.
    Grade Level Points given per day
    Normal 1 10.00
    2 11.25
    3 12.50
    4 13.75
    5 15.00
    Rare 5 50.00
  • Q. How can I cancel stake?
  • A. Staking is automatically cancelled at midnight of the last day of the month, after the final points of the month are given out.
    You cannot cancel staking in the middle of the month.
  • Q. Can I stake only once?
  • A. No. You can start staking whenever you want.
    If you check auto extension option, staking won't be cancelled in the next month.
Earned points are available for a year, and unused points will be expired after one year on the last day of the month you acquired them.
Special Costume Box is given as a coupon, and you can send it to your character in the Coupon menu. (coupon expiration period - 30 days)
Please trade Fandom Card NFTs through the links on our official website or Discord #official link, and damage caused by transactions via unverified route will not be repaired.
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